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Sheila Skolnick is here to inspire, educate and ignite

Do you want to grow your business and meet your life goals? Get inspired with Sheila Skolnick Worldwide. With little money and no business connections, Sheila was able build her empire from the ground up and become a multibillion-dollar entrepreneur.

Sheila Skolnick’s story of persistence and passion is relevant for all levels of business, entrepreneurs and start-up companies nationwide. Her goal as a motivational speaker and business coach is to:

• Educate people on basic business principles that successfully create a prosperous business
• Ignite audiences to take action and build the life and business they desire
• Inspire business owners with her powerful story about becoming a successful entrepreneur

Sheila turns her speeches into interactive experiences for audiences as a tool for audiences to participate and learn. If you want Sheila Skolnick Worldwide to speak at your event or seminar, call 631-875-1555 today.

Sheila Skolnick Speaks to 2500 people at Major Conference

Sheila Skolnick Speaking to Prominent Business People

Keynote Speech, Long Island, NY

Keynote Speech With Standing Ovation, Chicago, IL

Sheila Skolnick’s Principles of Business

While creating and working her business, Sheila Skolnick assembled

several principles that were used to grow a very successful company.

Please note: This video is an example of Sheila’s “organic” material vs “recycled.”

Basics on How Sheila Built Her Multi-Million Dollar Business

Background on how Sheila went from starting with nothing to expanding and creating her own success.

Complilation of Sheila's Winning Attitude

Sheila Discussing Company Culture

Sheila Skolnick Speech on "Entrepreneurial Cruise" April, 2017