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Sheila and I met through various networking events and I was very impressed with her demeanor and inspiring story of her rise to success, a real rags to riches story. She was asked to speak at Independent Business Women’s Circle shortly thereafter where she told her story to the guests and adding her business principles. The audience was awestruck and humbled by her willingness to share her story, what she had gone through and how she persevered to become a success at a time when it wasn’t totally acceptable for a women to be considered a successful business women. Sheila is a delight to listen to, to be mentored by and to have as a friend. Book her as your next speaker, she will not disappoint!

Sue Glenn

Email Marketing & Social Media Consultant/Workshop Speaker Stony Brook, New York

Sheila worked with The Alternative Board of Suffolk County facilitating a board of business owners and providing them executive coaching. The members of her board loved her business insight especially in the strategy of selling. Sheila is top notch and if you have the opportunity to work with her you can count yourself as lucky.

Jacquelyn (Jackie) Gernaey

CEO at The Alternative Board & COO of Effective HR

I’ve known and worked with Sheila for over 7 years. Sheila is hard working, committed and effective. It is without hesitation I recommend Shiela Skolnick.

Gary Vegliante

Mayor at Village West Hampton Dunes

Sheila leads by example and empowers those that work with her to find success She is a true mentor and a trusted friend. Either seeking personal growth or professional advancement, I highly recommend Sheila to take you to the next level.

Patrick Mason

Energy & Water Efficiency – control power & reduce demand with Cloud based SaaS solutions.

Sheila can take any idea in it’s infancy and create a viable, uber successful business. She lives and breathes business and that will definitely work to any client’s advantage.

Patty O’Reilly

Owner, Curves

Sheila has great insight on how your business can be more profitable and efficient. She is highly motivated, extremely creative and has a way of having you focus on the important parts of your business. I highly recommend her!

Clifford Pfleger

Secure Operations, LiGunSource & Long Ireland Brewery

Sheila is great at what she does. She has life experience in growing businesses from the ground up. I highly recommend her.

Carrie Malkmes

Owner at Renegade Graphics

Sheila is a outstanding CEO, very hands on and earns the respect of her peers and employees.

Bill Towart

President at Esprit Member Services launches its Automobile Concierge Buyer Program.

Sheila is a very conscience responsible dedicated working lady. She knows how to organize a program, group or any situation in all area’s and makes friends along the way. She is open minded, kind and friendly. I have had pleasant experiences working with her through the years.

Sandi Soefer

Owner/Partner at Dance-n-Spirit